The Pledge

Pledge Outline:

I, _____, pledge to _________ daily from today, ____, to 10/4/12 – ____ to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will ____________.

I am SICK and TIRED of Procrastination – aren’t you? Make a pledge and get back on track!

Above is this week’s pledge. It doesn’t matter if the week has already begun – just leave a comment below with your pledge (the outline is at the bottom of this post), and I will put it up here. I will then post daily reminders about the pledge – both for me and you – that will reach you via email if you subscribe below. This is an experiment, and things are more fun when they’re with other people, ne?

Some advice below – you can skip right down and get started on the pledge if you like.

I’d advise starting out slow – we don’t all start doing fifty pushups the first day, do we? You can make a pledge for anything – I pledge to excercise for 10 minutes daily, I pledge to eat only 1500 calories daily, I pledge to draw three things daily, I pledge to play with my kids for 20 minutes daily, I pledge to – whatever! Try and make it as specific as possible so that your clever self doesn’t make up random rules as you go along.

As far as punishments go, don’t do something that will be overwhelming and impossible, but put something in that will benefit you that is something you hate and is alot of work. Each day I fail I will weed half the garden, each day I fail I will excercise for 30 minutes, each day I fail I will cook a new recipe, each day I fail I will clean out one shelf of the garage, etc etc.


I, Rowan S. R. , pledge, during the month of November, to finish my book by writing about 3,500 words a day. If I do not…. Hahaha! NaNoWriMo has no repurcussions for not finishing the book! Mwahahaha!  If I do not… I will have failed myself as a writer. Begins Nov 2 Ends Nov 30.

I (Sasaui99) pledge, during the months of November and December, to take a break from typing fanfiction and write my actual stories, whatever one that may be, and get the portfolio done before January.  If I fail, then I have to take a month longer break from typing fanfiction.

Yosh!  I, Miyake Masumi, pledge to read at least two chapters of Naruto daily UNTIL I CATCH UP!  As I am currently on chapter 500, and there are currently 607 chapters out and translated, that should take me 54 days, which is the equivalent of 7-8 weeks.  Naruto being a weekly manga, I add 8 chapters to my final goal and come up with a time frame of 58 days to read 115 chapters.  My end date will then be Tuesday, January 1, 2012.  If I do not complete this pledge, I will never be able to write a fanfiction I am raring to write.  Each day I do not complete my goal I will have to complete that days goal along with my normal goal the next day as well as read one extra chapter, making it five chapters.  For each consecutive day I go without completing my goal I must add on three chapters (the original two and one extra) to the day I finally get around to reading.


8 thoughts on “The Pledge

  1. I, Miyake Masumi, pledge to practice my tournet cut daily from today, 9/18/12, to 9/20/12 – Tuesday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will walk home from school instead of getting a ride the next day.

    I got to this so late in the week, I feel like I’m cheating or something. It’s not long enough! X3

    • Miya-chi! YOU MADE A PLEDGE! The lazygenius has joined! Wah! *thinks of ShikaShikaMaru….* Anyways – I have no idea what a tournet cut is, but make sure the walk home isn’t too long. -__- (juuust in case!*wickedgrin*). It’s fine! It is! I’ll make another pledge on ….Friday, and you can join me then. XD Two days is a good experiment. XP

      • I did I did. It’s basically a cut (or really a series of cuts) to make a vegetable look kind of like a football. It’s not nearly as easy as Chef Paul makes it look. =_= Let’s see how this experiment goes, nee? Two days! XD

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    • Ah… hmm.. I wonder what to do about that.. :/ I can’t check it out from my computer, but I’ll check it out on the library ones and see if there’s anything I can suggest.

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