It suddenly occured to me to go back and check the wordcount for the story that I am rewriting. Here was my first thought. WHAT!?!?!? DO I REALLY PLAN ON REWRITING 86,283 FREAKING WORDS!?!?!? And THAT, dear friends, isn’t even the COMPLETE story! THE COMPLETE STORY – *cries* – THE COMPLETE STORY IS LONGER! Okay. […]

Not Writer’s Block

I am not going to admit that I have writer’s block. All I have been doing for the past two months is writing chapter five of my story in a million different ways. That’s it. Not writer’s block. Perfectionism? Maybe. Have you ever been at a part in your writing when NOTHING SEEMS RIGHT? I […]

My Mind Has Stopped

Do you think someone’s mind can stop? Just like that? Mine does that in regards to deadlines. It’s stopped now, and I have a test on Friday. So it has not told me anything. It hasn’t even begun to panic yet. It’s like there’s this tiny little man screaming at me from this uncharted corner […]

I’m SICK and TIRED of Procrastination!

I am SICK and TIRED of procrastination! IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS! Tomorrow tomorrow later not now wait let me watch this do that it’ll just be a second- FOR REALITY’S SAKE MAKE IT STOP! No, I have not gone crazy, although some may argue that it’s not a question of “going” but of “long gone”, […]