About a year ago I created this blog. I wanted to get my procrastination under control and become more productive. As you can see… yeah, it hasn’t happened. But I’m not giving up! I’m going to ram at this with all I’ve got by utilizing SEVERAL procrastination techniques at once. 1: 40 days  Something I’ve […]

Greetings; Back from Inertia

I suppose I’m back. Hello. How are you all? What is that you say? Where have I been gone? Oh, come on, enough about ME. Tell me what YOU have been up to. Didn’t you hear me? Don’t ask me about NaNoWriMo! Don’t ask me about my 100,000 words! This is a once in a […]

NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow (I’M JOINING!)

Today is October 31st, as many of the children knocking on your door will reassure you. Yes, it IS Hallow’s eve, no they are NOT Frakenstein they’re Lady Gaga, and what on earth do you mean you “don’t believe in encouraging blackmail”!? Here’s my advice – turn off the lights and tuck yourself under the […]

Poem: Abstract

One of the reasons I haven’t posted a lot of my own work on here in so far is because I’m afraid of not being perfect… But, I suppose perfection is a myth. Or maybe I shouldn’t care. Either way; a look into my writing book.   So… here I go. 10/17/12 Abstract They’re fading off […]

I can’t eat bread!?

Well, I was procrastinating on the internet and I came across this ad advertising not to eat wheat. Now, I went ahead and researched (googled, yes) this and several articles popped up supporting this. If I can’t eat grain and wheat what on earth am I supposed to eat!?????? I mean, I got whole grain […]

“Dear Poophead”

I recently got an email for something my mom signed me up for, and it had that custom thing where they right “Dear -yourname-,”. My name was lowercased, so that it looked something like this; “Dear rowan,” which got me thinking…. Do they do that with everyone? So if someone signed up as “Poophead” they’d […]

A Writer’s Day

My day is normal for a writer. Annoying pixies wake me up, berating me for staying up late “working”. I am escorted to the bathroom, where I stand bleary eyed in front of the sink, squinting at my reflection. My nose looks unusually big. And why does my face look swollen? I have some pie […]