I See You’ve Put Your Pen Down…

Because it’s hard. Because you’re busy. Because the words don’t come to you, because you’ll never be good enough, because you’re a worthless, hopeless, loser. I want you to pick it up again, physically or mentally. Pick up the pen, Right Now. You don’t have to write. Just hold it in your hand and feel […]

May the Writer: One day.

May leaned forward to tap her head against the desk, rocking back up then down again and again. Sarah ignored her, curled up around her book on the bed. “One day,” May said into the desk. “One day, I’m gonna sit down at this desk and pure awesomeness is gonna spew from my fingertips onto the page […]

Life is Beautiful

It’s a beautiful day. Sometimes we get too stuck inside our lives, ourselves. Just take a break. Go outside. Look outside. Tolerate your enemy. Breathe in. Breathe out. Isn’t the world beautiful? Remember what you are a part of. Smile! Life is beautiful.

My Mind Has Stopped

Do you think someone’s mind can stop? Just like that? Mine does that in regards to deadlines. It’s stopped now, and I have a test on Friday. So it has not told me anything. It hasn’t even begun to panic yet. It’s like there’s this tiny little man screaming at me from this uncharted corner […]

Irritating Guilt

When you leave something alone, leave it at the back of your mind and keep thinking about it without doing it, the tension builds up over time. It settles in your brain – not like an itch, but like a weight that drags you down. You start to look at things in a depressing manner, and […]