It suddenly occured to me to go back and check the wordcount for the story that I am rewriting. Here was my first thought. WHAT!?!?!? DO I REALLY PLAN ON REWRITING 86,283 FREAKING WORDS!?!?!? And THAT, dear friends, isn’t even the COMPLETE story! THE COMPLETE STORY – *cries* – THE COMPLETE STORY IS LONGER! Okay. […]

A Writer’s Day

My day is normal for a writer. Annoying pixies wake me up, berating me for staying up late “working”. I am escorted to the bathroom, where I stand bleary eyed in front of the sink, squinting at my reflection. My nose looks unusually big. And why does my face look swollen? I have some pie […]

Introducing New People and Pledgers!

Hey guys! Today has been a lazy Saturday for me- not a lot of thinking going on up in the young noggin. It feels like midnight already…..Midterms are coming up, which should explain things. I HAVE BECOME A ZOMBIE. Nah, just joking. All you REAL zombies out there – I feel your pain – AND […]

Irritating Guilt

When you leave something alone, leave it at the back of your mind and keep thinking about it without doing it, the tension builds up over time. It settles in your brain – not like an itch, but like a weight that drags you down. You start to look at things in a depressing manner, and […]

I’m SICK and TIRED of Procrastination!

I am SICK and TIRED of procrastination! IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS! Tomorrow tomorrow later not now wait let me watch this do that it’ll just be a second- FOR REALITY’S SAKE MAKE IT STOP! No, I have not gone crazy, although some may argue that it’s not a question of “going” but of “long gone”, […]