The 3 Minute Game

This is a game I play every time I want to get something over with, something that I’ve been procrastinating on for a while since I reeeeeeeeeallly really really don’t want to do it. It is called the 3 Minute Game. Sound simple? It is. Choose one thing that doesn’t require thought – chores, like the dishes and cleaning […]


About a year ago I created this blog. I wanted to get my procrastination under control and become more productive. As you can see… yeah, it hasn’t happened. But I’m not giving up! I’m going to ram at this with all I’ve got by utilizing SEVERAL procrastination techniques at once. 1: 40 days  Something I’ve […]

Thankful and Sappy: Goodbye 2012

I really think that this part of the year – the end – is when we should give thanks. It’s around this time that we look back and recall the crazy, hectic lifetime that’s passed us by, represented solely by a number. Also, we congratulate each other. For making it to the New Year – […]

May The Writer: Famous After Death?

May rolled over lazily on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. “Sarah?” “Yeah?” her friend replied from her spot at the computer desk. “Think people will recognize my true talent when I’m dead, you know, like Shakespeare?” “….People loved Shakespeare.” She sat up, voice becoming high. “You know what I mean! Like, it seems […]


It suddenly occured to me to go back and check the wordcount for the story that I am rewriting. Here was my first thought. WHAT!?!?!? DO I REALLY PLAN ON REWRITING 86,283 FREAKING WORDS!?!?!? And THAT, dear friends, isn’t even the COMPLETE story! THE COMPLETE STORY – *cries* – THE COMPLETE STORY IS LONGER! Okay. […]

NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow (I’M JOINING!)

Today is October 31st, as many of the children knocking on your door will reassure you. Yes, it IS Hallow’s eve, no they are NOT Frakenstein they’re Lady Gaga, and what on earth do you mean you “don’t believe in encouraging blackmail”!? Here’s my advice – turn off the lights and tuck yourself under the […]

Life is Beautiful

It’s a beautiful day. Sometimes we get too stuck inside our lives, ourselves. Just take a break. Go outside. Look outside. Tolerate your enemy. Breathe in. Breathe out. Isn’t the world beautiful? Remember what you are a part of. Smile! Life is beautiful.

Poem: Abstract

One of the reasons I haven’t posted a lot of my own work on here in so far is because I’m afraid of not being perfect… But, I suppose perfection is a myth. Or maybe I shouldn’t care. Either way; a look into my writing book.   So… here I go. 10/17/12 Abstract They’re fading off […]

I’m SICK and TIRED of Procrastination!

I am SICK and TIRED of procrastination! IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS! Tomorrow tomorrow later not now wait let me watch this do that it’ll just be a second- FOR REALITY’S SAKE MAKE IT STOP! No, I have not gone crazy, although some may argue that it’s not a question of “going” but of “long gone”, […]