“IT’S A TRAP. Run. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES.” Plock stared at the floating words, his antennae moving furiously. The human civilization was soon to discover the internet; he had to warn them. No race was safe. “STOP. DO NOT DO IT. IT WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.” His sucker moved to click “send”, but there was a SCHLOOP. […]


(dedicated to Nick) The crisp blue air smothered her lungs. The first warning bell rang through the quad and the students trampled over the grass, a constant, moving, chattering mass. Crushed grass smelled like a tangy November. Blue, red, and vintage rag-cloth bags hung off backs like so many ladybug shells as they disappeared into classrooms. The […]

May the Writer: One day.

May leaned forward to tap her head against the desk, rocking back up then down again and again. Sarah ignored her, curled up around her book on the bed. “One day,” May said into the desk. “One day, I’m gonna sit down at this desk and pure awesomeness is gonna spew from my fingertips onto the page […]

May The Writer: Famous After Death?

May rolled over lazily on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. “Sarah?” “Yeah?” her friend replied from her spot at the computer desk. “Think people will recognize my true talent when I’m dead, you know, like Shakespeare?” “….People loved Shakespeare.” She sat up, voice becoming high. “You know what I mean! Like, it seems […]

Poem: Abstract

One of the reasons I haven’t posted a lot of my own work on here in so far is because I’m afraid of not being perfect… But, I suppose perfection is a myth. Or maybe I shouldn’t care. Either way; a look into my writing book.   So… here I go. 10/17/12 Abstract They’re fading off […]

A Writer’s Day

My day is normal for a writer. Annoying pixies wake me up, berating me for staying up late “working”. I am escorted to the bathroom, where I stand bleary eyed in front of the sink, squinting at my reflection. My nose looks unusually big. And why does my face look swollen? I have some pie […]

Don’t Leave Me (My Brain)

Don’t Leave Me (My Brain) Who are you? Drifting so far away? I know it’s you My beloved brain. You’ve fried, You’ve left me, For another. And I know I can never get you back Till I put down the text book And pick up the pen And doodle till I’m whole Once again. Let […]