November is ending. While this brings me closer to VACATION and FUN, it also brings me to the end of NaNoWriMo…. My grand total of words is so grand, I am not repeating it on here. In my honest defense; Writing. Is. Haaaaardddddddddd. (imagine that word coming from a five year old as she slumps […]

I See You’ve Put Your Pen Down…

Because it’s hard. Because you’re busy. Because the words don’t come to you, because you’ll never be good enough, because you’re a worthless, hopeless, loser. I want you to pick it up again, physically or mentally. Pick up the pen, Right Now. You don’t have to write. Just hold it in your hand and feel […]

May the Writer: One day.

May leaned forward to tap her head against the desk, rocking back up then down again and again. Sarah ignored her, curled up around her book on the bed. “One day,” May said into the desk. “One day, I’m gonna sit down at this desk and pure awesomeness is gonna spew from my fingertips onto the page […]


It suddenly occured to me to go back and check the wordcount for the story that I am rewriting. Here was my first thought. WHAT!?!?!? DO I REALLY PLAN ON REWRITING 86,283 FREAKING WORDS!?!?!? And THAT, dear friends, isn’t even the COMPLETE story! THE COMPLETE STORY – *cries* – THE COMPLETE STORY IS LONGER! Okay. […]

NaNoWriMo Starts Tomorrow (I’M JOINING!)

Today is October 31st, as many of the children knocking on your door will reassure you. Yes, it IS Hallow’s eve, no they are NOT Frakenstein they’re Lady Gaga, and what on earth do you mean you “don’t believe in encouraging blackmail”!? Here’s my advice – turn off the lights and tuck yourself under the […]

Life is Beautiful

It’s a beautiful day. Sometimes we get too stuck inside our lives, ourselves. Just take a break. Go outside. Look outside. Tolerate your enemy. Breathe in. Breathe out. Isn’t the world beautiful? Remember what you are a part of. Smile! Life is beautiful.

Not Writer’s Block

I am not going to admit that I have writer’s block. All I have been doing for the past two months is writing chapter five of my story in a million different ways. That’s it. Not writer’s block. Perfectionism? Maybe. Have you ever been at a part in your writing when NOTHING SEEMS RIGHT? I […]

Poem: Abstract

One of the reasons I haven’t posted a lot of my own work on here in so far is because I’m afraid of not being perfect… But, I suppose perfection is a myth. Or maybe I shouldn’t care. Either way; a look into my writing book.   So… here I go. 10/17/12 Abstract They’re fading off […]