About a year ago I created this blog. I wanted to get my procrastination under control and become more productive.

As you can see… yeah, it hasn’t happened. But I’m not giving up! I’m going to ram at this with all I’ve got by utilizing SEVERAL procrastination techniques at once.

1: 40 days 

Something I’ve heard many times is that it takes 40 days to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one! Starting today, 1/29/13, I’m going to establish TWO new habits.

-A: Sleeping and waking up early.

-B: Eating Healthy

I’m doing this every day for 40 days! This ends March 10, 2013.

2: Success Spirals from How to Beat Procrastination on Lesswrong

Click the link above; there’s an interesting article that goes into the science of it all. They’ve listed some tips there, and I’m using the Success Spirals one; basically, you choose a skill and work at it, breaking it up into goals so that each time you accomplish something, your expectancy increases and you’re more motivated to go ahead with what you’re doing.

I’m going to work on two things here – a completely new sport and weight loss.

3. Go the Forbes Way

I’m going to do all of these things for school:

Prioritize: I’m going to make a daily to do list, in order of importance.

Worst Jobs: I’ll do the ones I HATE to get them out of the way.

Messages: I’ll check my messages once an hour and reply twice a day to the less important ones.

On Task: I won’t jump from project to project.

4. START..



That’s what I’m going to do for every activity I’ve got to do!

5. Plan/Set Goals

I’m making a plan for what to do when, and why. What I want to accomplish by when.

So guys! I’ll try and post an update on whether things are going well. If you’d like to join my, post your name below saying, I ,______, WILL BEAT PROCRASTINATION!!!! I will put you on the Pledge page~

And then subscribe to receive my blog posts, and check your own goals each time I update!



So! Tell me what you think.

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