I can’t eat bread!?

Well, I was procrastinating on the internet and I came across this ad advertising not to eat wheat. Now, I went ahead and researched (googled, yes) this and several articles popped up supporting this. If I can’t eat grain and wheat what on earth am I supposed to eat!?????? I mean, I got whole grain bread BECAUSE I wanted to cut down on the “white” food I eat! And now? No bread?


Excuse me while I cry.

You know how medical students get convinced they’re the victims of ten different diseases when reading books about diseases? So they freak out? That’s how this is. Crazy. Don’t eat white food! Goodby beloved bread. Don’t eat sweets! Goodbye beloved sweets. We’ll meet in secret. Don’t eat meat! Wait… WHY!? …If this goes on, I’ll have to stop eating altogether.







I would also like to add that while Nutella contributes to pure happiness and pure gain of the  gluteus maximus, it is not a victim of the bad for you /good for you thing. It just is.

And that is that.




I will cut back on the nutella.

Let me go cry again.

This Week’s Pledge

I, Rowan S. R. , pledge; to wake up at 7am and sleep at 10pm(friday and saturday don’t count!), write 500 words , study for two hours, be punctual (ready 15 min beforehand), be responsible and independent, work on NaNoWriMo for fifteen minutes, daily and to do the laundry, clean the house, and exercise for thirty minutes six days a week weekly – from today,10/19/12 , to 10/25/12 – Friday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will prioritize one task and finish that without stopping, play for 1 hour, write 1,200 words straight, and do 150 crunches. I also pledge to post a blog post every other day – four days a week.


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