“Dear Poophead”

I recently got an email for something my mom signed me up for, and it had that custom thing where they right “Dear -yourname-,”. My name was lowercased, so that it looked something like this; “Dear rowan,” which got me thinking….

Do they do that with everyone? So if someone signed up as “Poophead” they’d send an email saying, “Dear Poophead,”?

And if someone got a bit more creative…. say in a relationship, someone was in the doghouse for something they did. So they sign their ‘significant other’ for something like this, and they signed up as “Snookumpooopie Imsorryigotyouthisawesome Subscriptiontomakeup!”

That would be something.

Just randomly experimenting with some names:

“Dear Ijit”

“Dear Iduncarewhatyournameisiwantyourmoneeeyyyy!”

“Dear Ly Beloved”

“Dear Stephen King

Do you want to get famous?”

“Dear –

Ok. I’m done.

Can you think of anything? “Dear – ….”


2 thoughts on ““Dear Poophead”

  1. When the internet and I were young, I remember downloading a screensaver, and the site kept asking me to sign up for some kind of newsletter. Not knowing then how to simply ignore popups, I tried to reason with it–and ended up getting spam for weeks addressed to Mr. Idon’twanttosignup.

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