Defining Fan Fiction

I have absolutely no idea how many people know about fan fiction, but every person I’ve talked to about it has needed an explanation.So;

What is Fan Fiction?

This is hilarious but I’m not quite sure if they’re serious or not….

Here is the concise definition: Fan Fiction is a work of fiction created by the fans of pretty much anything about that thing. Fan fiction can be about books, movies, TV Series, Anime, Manga, Games, RPGs, Comics, Bands – pretty much anything you can think of. There had been a boom of stories about One Direction, One Direction fan fiction, when One Direction is a band, and not a ‘piece of work’ with a ‘plot’, like The Hunger Games – which, by the way, also has a lot of fan fiction.

Now, here’s my definition of fan fiction, formulated from my own experiences as a fan fiction writer. When you’re reading a book, watching a movie, playing a game, you are immersing yourself in a story. Have you ever felt like, when doing something, you’ve been transported to another world? Well, fan fiction is taking that step further. It’s about expanding or distorting that world in your mind – and then writing about it. It’s a form of art, of adoration. It can be an obsession, as most things we like are, but it’s also a hobby and an expression of yourself. It’s fun.

Like this.

You may be wondering how someone can make fan fiction from some of the more obscure things with no visible story – for example, again, the band One Direction. It’s simple. Haven’t you ever imagined anything with someone you really admire? Moving to TV Shows, haven’t you ever wondered – “What would happen if that was changed?” Like I said, fan fiction is taking it a step further and expanding on it and writing about it.

I plan on putting up more posts about fan fiction!

Do you have any questions about fan fiction? Have you heard of it before?


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