Back Again – with excuses: Work Hard

I’m so sleepy, it feels as if I’m hopping from one world to another simply as I sit here. Right before my eyes close, my mind grabs hold of whatever thought I have and transports me to a moment where it comes alive. My grandmother tells me to do something, my brother annoys me, I eat breakfast and play with my cat.

Have you felt like that? You know, that moment when you nod forward and jerk up, realizing that you’ve slept when you shouldn’t have. You stare at your work. You start again. And once more, you jerk awake. Even your instructor’s voice makes its way into your dreams, curling around your brain and speaking numbers to you.

The reason behind this world-hopping – and me going AWOL – is simply a “flash vacation” – the kind of vacation that lasts less than a week, is as relaxing as bungee jumping and two times more thrilling. I meant to blog – and for those sharp people who want me to suffer, yes, I did miss my pledge last week, and yes, I am doing my punishment – but it was procrastination and the loss of function of my computer (do not let people play games on your computer, I implore thee) , as well as the stern “At this moment, school is more important than that “blog”!” that kind of… made me not?

I cannot promise anything since I and promises aren’t exactly the best of pals. But I will try my hardest not to go AWOL. And I will pledge. I have many, many things I wish to do every day, and the only way I can accomplish them is by ending procrastination – aka, pledging.

One last thing – consistency is important. I don’t want to disappear from this blog for a while and mess up your pledges. So! Pledge without me if I’m not there, but I will try to post every other day at the least.

My Pledge:

I, Rowan S. R. , pledge; to wake up at 7am and sleep at 10pm(friday and saturday don’t count!), write part of a scene and complete two writing exercises , study for two hours, be punctual (ready 15 min beforehand), be responsible and independent, work on NaNoWriMo for fifteen minutes, daily and to do the laundry and exercise for thirty minutes six days a week weekly – from today,10/12/12 , to 10/18/12 – Friday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will prioritize one task and finish that without stopping, play for 1 hour, write 1,200 words straight, and do 150 crunches. I also pledge to post a blog post every other day – four days a week.

Work hard. No matter how much you want to stop, no matter how much you don’t want to do it, do it. It will always be worth it in the end. It’s hard to put long lasting pleasure over immediate satisfaction, but in the end, one is cheap and the one isn’t. Gambatte! Fight!


So! Tell me what you think.

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