Just Some Things/ Pledge

It’s nice to relax every now and then.

How was yesterday? Was it fun? Not having any pledges, commitments? Deadlines?

Not having something that you WILL do but right before bed?

It’s fun being productive of course. But break days are fine too. I had fun. I read this manga (Japanese comic) that made me cry! And I wrote quite a bit, even though I hadn’t pledged anything. If you want, should we include something about optional break days in our pledges? You tell me!

So! I have also decided something – in my last pledge, I pledged to write a post everyday.


I am not very creative writing a post everyday, and I have SO MUCH I want to write about! So that’s why, in my new pledge, I’ve decided to put ‘write 3+ posts a week”.

 I am a perfectionist, and these words would describe my writing ethic pretty well: Quality over Quantity.

Quality loves taking a long time to find me though… *cries*

Oh, another thing! I keep posting at midnight! Here’s a rule, okay? If I haven’t posted anything before or at 2 – 2:30 pm, that means I am not posting anything that day. This is to curb my bad habits.

I will try to keep my following posts more interesting and write well enough that even I will be happy!

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
Ernest Hemingway

This is both heartening and depressing. Heartening because that’s exactly what it feels like for me and even the greats like Hemingway had that problem! Depressing because that means…. it’s always going to be like this, isn’t it, if even he said that? WAHHHHHHHH…


I, Rowan S Rose, pledge to write 200+ words (fiction) and exercise for 30 minutes daily, and 3 posts a week from today, 9/29/12, to 10/4/12 – Saturday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will read ten stories online (fanfiction or original) and review them and I will study for three hours.

My sadistic cousin upped the exercise bar from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.


less than three~

Rowan S Rose


3 thoughts on “Just Some Things/ Pledge

  1. I, Miyake Masumi, pledge to write 200+ words (I’m stealing part of your pledge to keep myself from slacking :P), eat a cup of fruit plus some vegis, work on planning/prep work for NaNoWriMo for fifteen minutes, read a chapter of fanfiction, and read a chapter of Naruto (in preparation for a new fanfiction I’m working on XD) daily from today, 9/30/12, to 10/4/12 – Sunday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will walk home from school the next day.

      • Yes, but it is really not too much. Eating the fruit/vegis pretty simple, and the writing is something I would do, anywho. And, reading I had last week, now it’s just something I hope to continue. But the Naruto reading…. Reading manga on my slow laptop is agonizing. I think I shall do it in the mornings at school from now on, yup. *nods*

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