Night Ramblings

I really wish I would do these things earlier. This post… It’s technically not tomorrow yet!

Anyways, my test is tomorrow, and I’ve got that feeling. It’s that all or nothing feeling you get, that anticipation. Pass or fail, live or die – it’ll all be over soon. Everything. The worrying, the preparation –

The procrastination, the stress.

Do you think this is what soldiers think of before going into battle? It’s an interesting thought..

Putting studying related things aside – I’m reading Hemingway!


Heard of him?

I’m reading his short stories, which I’m excited about. I want to read the works of the greats, so that I can get better at my own writing. I have yet to figure out how that will happen though…

Ah well.

The 200 words per day thing has been going alright for me. I do things last minute so they get all jumbled up, my words, which I hate.

That’s enough Torturous Rowan Rambling for tonight.

Goodnight my lovelies. Wishing you well. Wish me well!

Rowan S Rose


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