My Mind Has Stopped

Do you think someone’s mind can stop? Just like that?

Mine does that in regards to deadlines. It’s stopped now, and I have a test on Friday. So it has not told me anything.

It hasn’t even begun to panic yet.

It’s like there’s this tiny little man screaming at me from this uncharted corner of my brain: “WORRY! WORRY! GET TO WORK YOU LAZY BUM!”, but he’s muffled by everything around him. He’s also been trying to strangle me into doing things every so often, but that apparently hasn’t worked.

If I di – fail the test –

feed my cat.

I shall now go and stay up late studying. Don’t mind me and the horrid bags under my eyes. I think having a tiny little man scream at me for hours together has made me completely cynical.

By the way, I need to stop eating sweets, something that seems absolutely impossible for a sweetaholic like me. Any suggestions?

Has your brain stopped too?



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