Don’t Leave Me (My Brain)

Don’t Leave Me (My Brain)

Who are you?

Drifting so far away?

I know it’s you

My beloved brain.

You’ve fried,

You’ve left me,

For another.

And I know I can never get you back

Till I put down the text book

And pick up the pen

And doodle till I’m whole

Once again.

Let me draw the leaves

And a pondering eye

Let me show a little girl

Waving goodbye

And then

You’ll come back to me.

And together

We’ll fail

The exam.

And we’ll vow to do better

Next time.

I’m sorry that my first work of writing on here is something…. so silly. My head hurts, and I’ve been studying, and I realized I should write my post of the day. And so I wrote this. It’s a parody, maybe? I really don’t know. It reflects what I REALLY want to do instead of studying, and what will happen if I DO do it. Excuse my silliness.

Your head hurts too now, doesn’t it? Isn’t it nice knowing you’re not alone? Haha! I’m feeling much better now.

Less than three~

Rowan S. Rose

I’m 25% done with my pledges! What of you?

What makes you feel like you’re going nuts? Tell me and make me feel better please!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me (My Brain)

  1. So cute! This is SUCH a cute cute cute cute poem! Anywho, this reminds me. I ended up not studying for my final exam lAT ALL last night. I studied for maybe a half hour before class this morning, though, and guess what? I got a 90 out of 92! And the ones I got wrong, as always, wer brain farts. I accidentally divided instead of multiplying for one, and then the other I circled the right answer, ignored my gut feeling and changed it, thus getting it wrong. *rolls eyes*

    • Ahaha! Yay! My amazing – OMC I FORGOT TO INTRODUCE YOU AS MY BETA. *bangs head against wall* …. T_T I shall move on… *cries* Anyways! YOU GIVE ME HOPE THANK YOUUUUU SO MUCH! I have hope now that I will do reasonably well on the test tomorrow. *thinks about it*… maybe not… Meh, Semi genius. -_- I shall work hard! Lol, brain farts – I know those annoying things. Ahaha, I always do those! I do!

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