Introducing New People and Pledgers!

Hey guys! Today has been a lazy Saturday for me- not a lot of thinking going on up in the young noggin. It feels like midnight already…..Midterms are coming up, which should explain things.


Nah, just joking. All you REAL zombies out there – I feel your pain – AND AM HECKA GLAD IM NOT ONE OF YOU!

Moving on.

I would like to introduce you all (and yes, I do mean the universe), to my friends and newest pledgers!

I’d like to introduce you to Miyake Masumi! She’s a spunky, amazing person, who reminds me of a very famous manga (Japanese cartoon) character – Naruto Uzumaki! Here’s a shout-out to her and her awesome career as a chef.

I, Miyake Masumi, pledge to read a chapter of Cursed Saint every day as well as write a review for each chapter I read. I also pledge to continue practicing my tournet cut in some way each day, to eat a cup of fruit each day and also some vegetables, and I think that’s it for now…. from today, 9/21/12, to 9/27/12 – Friday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will ride the bus home from school and walk the 1 1/2 miles from the bus stop to my apartment. For weekends I will walk to my bus stop and back, making that three miles.

And I’d also like to introduce Sasaui99 – for those of you who’re wondering what this “Cursed Saint” thing me and Masumi are talking about in our pledges, it’s Sasaui99’s amazing fan fiction. She’s aiming to become a professional writer, and I know that she can and will.

I, Sasaui99, pledge to get caught up in the most recent fanfictions I am behind on, from both Tonfa and I will also work on Tori Kago and hopefully get at least half way through. If I fail, I shall have to do 200 crunches (WHICH SO SUCK!!!!!!!)

Pledgedate: I have unfortunately, not done my pledge so far… But I shall before I sleep. Buenos tardes.

Rowan S Rose



3 thoughts on “Introducing New People and Pledgers!

  1. Naruto…. You just HAD to bring that into, didn’t you? =_= Anywho, woot woot! Do your pledges! *evil little bug whispers: She hasn’t done hers either yet* Shut up little bug thing! Aaaand, we’re moving on! I have final exams all this week at school as it’s the last week of this cycle and next week I will be moving onto Foundations 2! Good luck with all your midterm stuff.

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