New Pledges!

Our first pledge week is over! For me and my fellow pledger, Miyake Masumi – HOORAY! And if you’ve been particularly productive this week – BANZAI!  Haha!

This week has been interesting. After my I’m Sick and Tired of Procrastination post, every time I think “later”, I do a double take and think “oh no you don’t” and do whatever it is right then. My conscience has been the brunt of abuse from my lazy side, but all in all – THIS IS AMAZING.

Now that the past week has finished, it is time for new pledges!

Why is it that the “HURRAY!!!”’s are rather lacking right now?

Come on! You can do it! I know you can.

Before that, I’d like to say – If you say it’s okay for me to publish your pledge as a post, then I’ll do just that. If you’re new, I’ll include a bit about your blog, and if you want, you can put a couple of lines about what you wish to accomplish with your pledge and why.

I, Rowan S Rose, pledge to write 200+ words (of fiction) and a post every day. I also pledge to read a chapter of Cursed Saint every day, and of exercising for 15 minutes every day, as well as reading in general for twenty or so minutes everyday.. From today, 9/21/12, to 9/27/12 – Friday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will finish all or 66% of my homework for that week. (basically means, finish the homework of two out of three of my classes) Any days I miss that I have finished my homework, I will read 5 stories online (original or fan fiction) and review them.

There’s a lot stuffed on there, isn’t there? …. I can do it! I am saying this very weakly, if you can’t tell.  Now all my darling pledgers and procrastinators – to a productive week!


4 thoughts on “New Pledges!

  1. First off, sorry for never replying to this beforehand. And secondly, is there a way to become a member of this or what? Because I have nooo idea.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll make a pledge. Oh, and I’m so happy to see Cursed Saint on there, mostly because I really want you to hopefully enjoy it!

    I, Sasaui99, pledge to get caught up in the most recent fanfictions I am behind on, from both Tonfa and I will also work on Tori Kago and hopefully get at least half way through. If I fail, I shall have to do 200 crunches (WHICH SO SUCK!!!!!!!)

    • It’s fine Brekky-chan. XD And there is! Just scroll to the bottom of the site, and underneath meta, there’s a link that should say log in. XD
      Yes! I’m having sooo much fun reading it. XD It takes me forever to get things finished, so this should help~
      Ahahaha, 200 curunches – I so glad you’re pledging, heartheart~ Ah, Brekky-chan, there’s a pledge outline for pledges in the page above, called The Pledge – so that might be more detailed? Like, to help you? Oh, and congrats on joining the pledge! Is it fine if I post your pledge in a post and introduce you?

  2. Such a long pledge! O_o I actually was already planning on pledging to read a chapter of CS each day as well, heheh. By the way, feel free to do whatever you want with my pledges. XD

    I, Miyake Masumi, pledge to read a chapter of Cursed Saint every day as well as write a review for each chapter I read. I also pledge to continue practicing my tournet cut in some way each day, to eat a cup of fruit each day and also some vegetables, and I think that’s it for now…. from today, 9/21/12, to 9/27/12 – Friday to Thursday. Each day I fail to follow the pledge, I will ride the bus home from school and walk the 1 1/2 miles from the bus stop to my apartment. For weekends I will walk to my bus stop and back, making tht three miles.

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