I’m an irritating kind of writer.

At least I think so. I irritate myself, I suppose. It’s not my writing exactly, it’s my writing process.

Basically what I do is I write a chapter – for one of my stories on the net – and I post it. Then I mull over the next chapter for ages. That’s the stage I am in right now, and it is driving me NUTS.

I sit.

I mull -meaning, I turn things over a billion times.

I remove my notebook and set it in front of me as if that will supercharge me into doing something. I pick up the pen.

I doodle.

In my defense, it was a rather amazing picture of the protoganist and her brother.

And I doodle some more.

Crazy metallic lady I rather like. Weird eyes. A strange robot.

Then I launch into a strange story about a thing (if I tell you what it is, I won’t be interested in it anymore) that will perhaps debut on here.  I then obsess over said story, making castles in the sky of how it could be a series and how I could update it and put it up here and blahblahblah.

And I don’t talk about what I’m thinking to anyone since then things will go bust and I’ll lose all interest in my story, something I’m apt to do when I speak of my stories.

So basically…. I accomplish MUCH of NOTHING. I need to come up with some kind of fail proof writing process to make me efficient.

I just realized that I wrote a hopeless sentence… I’m HOPELESS! THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN! WAHHHHH!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you about the DEPRESSED AND CRAZY stage I go through.

When I actually write something, I’ll tell you.

For now, I shall do my homework.


Stop staring at me like that’s impossible!

So. Does this happen to you? With anything? Cause I imagine it’s pretty universal. Have you been productive today? Do tell!


2 thoughts on “Mulling

  1. Silly silly Peanut. I didn’t used to have this mulling issue, but I have had some of it lately. I feel like I’m in a rut on what I’m writing and in just a few chapters I should get to something I know fully how to carry forward, but I just don’t know HOW to get to those next few chapters. And so I procrastinate. *rolls eyes* A very unproductive day so far. XP

    • OoO Oh my gosh, Miya-chi, it’s contagious! *freaks out at the thought that everyone has it now* Exactlyexactlyexactly! That’s exactly how it is! Exactly! And Instead of working on CG/KU, I keep on doing random things. -_- Like homework. Woe.

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