For those of you interested in what a “pledge” is exactly, check this page out – The Pledge.

What is a pledge-date (pledgedate, noun, singular)? It is a PLEDGEupDATE. Mmmhm. Catchy, right?

Stop throwing things at me.

In any case! Our first official pledger (pledger, noun, singular – not for long hopefully!) has joined us! Me! Hooray! Since I have not signed a release form with our darling pledger, I cannot tell you what they have pledged…… But this shout out is for them!

How have your pledges been going? (If you haven’t made one, take this to mean, “Have you had a productive day?”) Today I have forgotten several times that I need to write a post and thus fulfill my pledge…. “Forgotten” is one of our best excuses, isn’t it? I mean, did you REALLY forget to take out the trash? REALLY? I am staring at you right now with my laser truth-seeking eyes.

Ah-ha! I knew it!

My “forgetting” was my brain switching on and off as it realized, with great dismay, it actually had to do something today. Hm. And I wonder what will happen when I step things up on Friday….

I’ve had a mind-numbing day, the kind where you’re not sure if it’s the good kind or the bad… Oh! I finished a book today! Shall I write a book review? Maybe I will. I’m not saying I WILL but only LATER since that would be….. setting a bad example. I’m saying MAYBE.

And I just had one of those moments where you think you’re ranting to absolutely nothing but air. And stars. Stars are pretty little things aren’t they? So shiny…..


Rowan S Rose

People, it’s 9 – I know you’re thinking ‘I have no time to do anything productive today,’ but look at me! Wait.. don’t. Goodnight!


4 thoughts on “Pledge-date

  1. Air is good, though, right? I’ll be air if that’s what you want to talk to. Or I can be a star. 😉 I completed my task/goal for the day last night, so no walking the one and a half miles home in the possible afternoon heat. XD But I accomplished little else. *insert innocent, sheepish look here* Let’s see how we continue to do, nee?

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