Off the Beaten Path

Keep off the Grass!

Off the Beaten Path

It’s like there’s an invisible barrier separating me from the grass. It makes a nice little comma, and five feet across it save me fifteen around it.

There’s no sign yelling KEEP OFF THE GRASS at me, and I really am being silly, but haven’t you ever had that moment? You have to brace yourself to take that first step.  I creep across, steeling myself for the worst, glancing morbidly at other people. Three feet, two feet, one foot, ACROSS! Back on the charted path! Did anyone notice? Oh, hooray for being across!

I’m going to be philosophical now and compare this with life. We’re so afraid to step off the beaten path, that even if there are no barriers, we create our own barriers. When we’re being different, we’re afraid others will notice. Like we’re doing something wrong.

I won’t go too far, because I’m still not sure whether or not it really is okay for me to walk across the grass… But it’s okay to be different. It’s okay to step off the beaten path, to dare, even though it’s scary and even if our path leads us to a dead end. Hey! At least you got there, right? And you’ve got to get a little DIRTY – but that’s the fun part! And it doesn’t matter if you’re alone – see, you’re making your own tracks. You’re going places, and to get there too,  everyone is going to step onto your path.

On that note, I will try to open a Writer’s Club!

Next semester.

Is it hard stepping off the beaten path for you too?

Pledgelings~ Did you finish your pledges?

Less than three~

Rowan S Rose


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