Irritating Guilt

When you leave something alone, leave it at the back of your mind and keep thinking about it without doing it, the tension builds up over time. It settles in your brain – not like an itch, but like a weight that drags you down. You start to look at things in a depressing manner, and you get irritated with yourself. All your faults that you hadn’t noticed before come to light, parade before you like a taunting chorus. You feel like you ought to scream out loud, dig your nails into your arm and drag them down – as if that might make things all right.

It feels crazy. It feels like you’re on the bottom part of that rollercoaster track. Sometimes it feels like that everyday,  other times you’ve learned to ignore it.

That’s how it feels when I’m procrastinating on something – today it was math homework, but dears, math on the weekend is not my idea of fun. But when I kept thinking that “I have to do this” it kept dragging me down. When I should’ve done math, I goofed off watching clips from The X Factor USA on Hulu. It was fun – I liked Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem 3 the best! They were both awesome, and Carly blew my MIND. In the end, though, it would’ve been ten times funner (that is now officially a word) if I’d actually accomplished something.

Babies, of course, make everything better. So so much better.

Pledgedate – I just finished my 200 words! What about you?

Have you ever felt like this? Am I the only one?

P.S. I LOVE the writing quotes WordPress tells you each time you publish a post!


3 thoughts on “Irritating Guilt

  1. I got lazy and somehow missed this post before, but now in my boredom and procrastinating I’m reading it! And guess what? I was watching X Factor clips on YouTube on the 15th when I should have been writing or reading CS! *rolls eyes*

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