Today has been one of those days – you know, one of THOSE DAYS. The kind that drives you completely and totally nuts. My cell was out of money so I had to use the pay phone to contact my ‘ride’ (this sounds cool doesn’t it?). I was sitting at one of my school’s library computers, my backpack by my feet. As I got up and tried to swing it over my shoulder I found that one of the bag’s straps had somehow gotten stuck in one of the chair’s legs. You know those kind of chairs, the ones that have four legs? And each leg has a hollow for the wheel? The strap had somehow gotten stuck in that hollow. So, right there in the library, I had to bend down and struggle with this huge chair (which is awesome when you’re not near the bottom end) to get the strap out. Getting hotter and more frustrated with each passing moment, I almost yelled when I got it out. Thankfully, I realized I was in a LIBRARY and allowed myself a single little exclamation of “Yes!”

Having freed my bag from the grasp of the evil chair (It’s trying to take over the world, I tell you!), I went to the nearest payphone. First I dialed home. No answer. There go fifty cents. Then I call my dad. He picks up and two sentences in, something comes over me and I start playing with that thing all payphones have that you hang your phone on when you’re done. A slight push, a clink of coins, and the line is cut off mid sentence.


On top of that, I only have 25 cents left.

From what I gathered from my conversation before I cut it off, my ride’s coming soon, so I get to sit tight in the library till then. This is a BANZAI with real feelings by the way.

Listening to loud stuff in the library with flimsy headphones is not the greatest idea, by the way.

On the plus side, this wave of irritation carried me past procrastination and I can now officially say that my blog has actually started! In retrospect, I realize that perhaps I wrote this inane post simply to put off writing the post I’ve been wanting to for ages, the post that was SUPPOSED to be my first official post……


*presses Publish Post with the greatest of hesitation*





So! Tell me what you think.

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