I’m SICK and TIRED of Procrastination!

I am SICK and TIRED of procrastination!

IT’S DRIVING ME NUTS! Tomorrow tomorrow later not now wait let me watch this do that it’ll just be a second- FOR REALITY’S SAKE MAKE IT STOP!

No, I have not gone crazy, although some may argue that it’s not a question of “going” but of “long gone”, but that’s beside the point. I am a writer, and I like writing fiction. My dream and goal is to become a professional author, but the monster that plagues me now is procrastination. Well, not “now” specifically, because that suggests that it just started to plague me. It’s more like – procrastination has been hounding after me SINCE I WAS BORN.

I have no idea when it actually started so we’ll just choose “SINCE I WAS BORN” since that is so much more dramatic.

Here are a few examples. I’m a fan-fiction writer, and three or so years ago, having come across fatal problems in all of my works, I decided drastic change was needed for my writings to work. Basically, that involved rewriting. I realized this and BAM just like that, disappeared from writing altogether for one and a half years.

I’d blame school, but the real perpetrator was laziness and her twin, procrastination. Need another example? I “started” this blog in January of 2012! It’s September 2012 and I’ve JUST published my first post! I’d blame the “theme” and the “background”, but we all know really “who dun it.” Also, on a more day to day basis! I’ve been trying to get into a regulated, 300 words a day writing system for ages, but I never have! PROCRASTINATION PROCRASTINATION PROCRASTINATION.

This blog, this post, is a response to that procrastination. I’m done with “later”, and the last time I”m using “tomorrow” as an excuse was yesterday, since starting today, everything gets done NOW.

And yes, I do realize that made close to no sense.

This blog is my solution to procrastination. It’s an experiment. I’ll post my goals on here as well as my punishments so that I hold by them. So that I don’t STOP like I have before. This doesn’t apply just to writing, of course, it applies to other things. Exercise, dieting, playing, painting, school, etc etc.

A blog is a social medium; basically, I’m asking you to join me. If  you have never procrastinated before in your life – GIVE ME YOUR SECRETS! If you have, you know what I’m talking about. Join me! Take the pledge. Subscribe to this blog and get daily reminders. I don’t know if doing this will make things too “regulated” or uncreative or stifle things. All I know is that, procrastination and never actually accomplishing anything is no fun at all.

NOW- Tomorrow Never comes

Signing out,

Rowan S Rose





12 thoughts on “I’m SICK and TIRED of Procrastination!

    • Yay! It’s so strange to be filled with this euphoria at every like comment/ but hoorah!
      I’m glad that you understood the sentence! Do you think procrastination might be a genuine illness? Or a syndrome? It’s almost like I’m procrastinating on that sentence…. Recovering Procrastinators UNITE!

  1. Yosh! I have decided something, Peanut. I love this I love this I love this. I don’t like blogs usually, and I can gladly say that I am not just reading this because you’re my friend. Trust me, I wouldn’t keep on reading. I have friends with blogs and find them boring to read and thus just don’t read them. I really enjoy reading this, though. I think you have it in you to really be a good blogger. XD

    • *SCREAM* EEK MIYA-CHI! You’re here! *jumps like crazy forever then stops then starts it up again after reading the comment* Ahaha! Thank youuuuu! *has one of those NarutoMiyaAwesomenessfreakoutmomentsthatyouknowXD* Okay, I shall calm down for a second – firstly WELCOME TO WORDPRESS! Secondly – WELCOME TO DREAMING WORLDS! And thirdly – YOU ARE AWESOME! It’s amazing that you like this, and thank you for saying that. XD

      • *eye twitches* I am not like Naruto! Why won’t you listen to me!? And I’m still getting used to wordpress, but I do follow a few other wordpress blogs by email. I’m thinking of switching me blogs to wordpress because it seems to run more smoothly than blogger. *shrugs*

      • *noncommitive grunt* Mmhm. Cool! So you’ve been on wordpress before? Ah, it’s rather cool here. XD I was actually thinking of joining blogger since so many people are on there, but I decided to stick here; you could always open a test blog and experiment? Oh, and check this blog out. http://koreanindo.net/ Do you follow Korean music/pop/bands? Cuz i dunno.

      • =_= *stares like this for eternity* Yeah. PR!, the community that translates 1/2 Prince the novel and others used to be wordpress, though I’m trying to think if they still or not…. *gets lost in thought* And there are some Asian culture and food blogs I follow! XD Ah, and I have a few KPop blogs I follow as well. XP Must check out this link!

  2. Procrastination is my life. The only reason I’m blogging so much is that I pinned myself down with a public proclamation of 100 days. I feel your pain. I am procrastinating on two work projects as I type this. The blog is a dangerous thing.

    • I know- and I have now found a NEW excuse not to do my work. Blogging. Or reading blogs. Tis a double sided sword. Oh, public proclamations – haha! All I shall do is say that because I know what those are like. Fight on! For the both of us!

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